Scuttlebuggs turned to their fans/friends/family to help them fund their latest releases "No Fast Legs" (2017) and "End Of The Itch" (2018). Watch the short film, which tells the story of how they got there...

Special thanks to our indiegogo contibuters! --> 
Ken & Lisa Kander, Nick Combs, The Dawidowiczes, Diana Howell, Beth Kander-Dauphin, Adam Kander, Peter Slavin, Kari Browne, Roy Dodger, BC Hodge, Dan Visser, The Kligermans, Shawn McCulloch, taburasa, Julie M, John Milosich, Lana/Emma/Logan/Lucas & co., Sofka & friends, Tim Yerrington, Sarah Allan, Jon Levin, Clint & Jeanine, Todd Kollus, Tosin Morohunfola, Marcey Walsh -  you are all our heroes. 

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