PAST SHOWS (2019):

6.30: The Ark - Ann Arbor, MI 7pm (w/ The Go Rounds)

6.23: Ignition Music Garage, Goshen IN 7pm (w/ The Accidentals)

6.16: Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee WI 9pm (w/ Microcosms and pzudopoof)

6.6: Tricycle Chicago 9pm

5.14: martyrs' Chicago (w/ Bandits on the Run, Todd Albright and Stanley and The Baskets)

4.21: The Stoltzfus Manor, Goshen IN

3.15: The Hoefer House, Granger IN

3.5: Gaslight Gardens, Lawrence KS

3.4: Kirby's Beer Store, Wichita KS

2.21: Peddler Brewing, Seattle WA

2.19: Pickled Fish, Long Beach WA

2.18: Firkin Tavern, Portland OR

2.15: Sam Bond's Brewing, Eugene OR

2.8: hotel cafe, Los Angeles CA

1.31: Carousel Lounge, Austin TX

1.26: Neutral Ground, New Orleans LA

1.16: Tin Roof, Charleston SC


12/1/2018  Le Temps Perdu, Yokohama
12/2/2018 Backstay Music Cafe, Tokyo
12/3/2018 Live House Manhole, Tokyo
12/4/2018 Live House Asakusa Gold Sounds, Tokyo
12/5/2018 Live House Asakusa Gold Sounds, Tokyo
12/6/2018 Live House Canopus, Tokyo 
12/7/2018 MWR Yokosuka, Yokosuka 
12/8/2018 Pink Cow, Tokyo 
12/9/2018 Live House GC Live, Nagoya 
12/10/2018 Live House Perch, Nagoya 
12/11/2018 Live House Varit, Kobe 
12/12/2018 Live House Mojo, Kyoto 
12/13/2018 Live House Gattaca, Kyoto 
12/14/2018 Live House Vox Hall, Kyoto 
12/15/2018 Beverly Hills Live House, Nara
12/16/2018 Blarney Stone, Osaka (Umeda) 
12/17/2018 Live House Ruido, Osaka 
12/21/2018 Live House Iwakuni, Rock Country


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